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Mesothelioma attorney: research on the illness

The research in finding cures for cancer and early diagnosis is one of the most important of all scientific laboratories and large companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the case of cancer that affects the pleura of the lungs, abdominal peritoneum or pericardium of the heart, known as Mesothelioma, is also well developed.

Mesothelioma types

types of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a cancer which is so named because it affects the tissues lining these vital organs of the human body. The diagnosis is sometimes wrong because its symptoms (loss of excessive weight fast and grounds, difficulty breathing, etc.) are similar to those of the lung or abdominal cancer.

However, characteristic of mesothelioma is that its causes are directly related to negligence on the part of the industry: the indiscriminate use of asbestos.

All medical and scientific community has agreed that decades of direct or indirect contact with asbestos is the major risk factor of contracting Mesothelioma.


be careful with asbestos

Given the seriousness of this disease and negligence of this kind is essential to be informed about our rights and about the possibilities of complaints and compensation.

So the question is: At what point should I seek advice from experts in Mesothelioma Attorney cancers from asbestos contamination?

The answer is the same as if we wonder at what point should I see a doctor before the evidence of any symptoms of this disease: Immediately!

asbestos workers

mesothelioma affect more than 3000 people

The statistics show that only in America Mesothelioma affects more than 3,000 people. Most of these patients have worked in some of the industries that have traditionally been used asbestos, either cleaning companies, construction, refrigeration and automotive, among others. Asbestos was used, for example, protect the air conditioning ducts or in certain parts of automobiles. Also as insulation between the walls, etc. Therefore, scientific studies have shown that many of the people who have contracted mesothelioma worked in any of these industries.

From these investigations it was found that Mesothelioma is a disease that affects career beckoned to a particular group of workers in very specific industries, such as some of those mentioned, among others.

mesothelioma attorney

mesothelioma attorney

Faced with such diseases that require special treatment and long-term, expensive and often not covered by insurance, the Mesothelioma Attorney experts help both the patient and their family to get all the financial resources they are entitled to an effective treatment .

Also keep in mind that you can give misdiagnosis, faulty machinery used for treatments or drugs that produce harmful side effects for which we also have a right to be compensated.

At the first signs or suspected seek medical and Mesothelioma Attorney with experience in this type of case. In America there are many companies that can help. Today we recommend Weitz & Luxenberg to one of the largest in the country and experienced in compensation for negligence.