mesothelioma cure

Mesothelioma Cure, Does it exists?

Is there a mesothelioma cure?

Mesothelioma is a slight form of cancer that develops from the membranes that surround a lot of organs inside the body. This malignant disease most commonly affects the pleura, but can also produce from peritoneum and pericardium. This disease is severe to treat, but the treatment for the sick people carries out even if the patient lost hope for a cure. The best opportunity for patients diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. Even so, the percentage of these is disappointingly small.

There are several treatment options. Not all patients subject to the same treatment modality. The treatment for each patient is different. Sometimes applies even a combination of treatments. It all relies on the type of tumor and its location, its size, the degree of surrounding tissue affected, the stage of the disease, general health and the age of the patient. The goal of treatment is to destroy malignant cells with the preservation of healthy cells. The procedure carries out as soon as the definitive patient diagnosis is established.

The modalities of mesothelioma treatment include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy

Surgical procedures perform either as a treatment modality for the diminution. The patient treatment is to submit to an operation the tumor removes along with the surrounding tissue. Sometimes, at an early stage of the disease, this can result in the complete removal of the tumor without additional treatment. This disease is slightly rare, but it is still occurring. Most of the cases identified in the later stages, therefore, the surgical procedure can only reduce the severe symptoms of the disease. This process includes the so-called pleurodesis.

The objective of pleurodesis is to make the pleural leaves sticking to each other that prevents the recurrence of fluid. In these purposes, different chemicals used. Also, thoracentesis is performed. This procedure includes the removal of the fluid present in the pleura, using a thin needle. In extreme cases, patients undergo pleurectomy.

Radiation therapy is another type of treatment

Radiation therapy takes place usually after surgery. The high-energy rays use to kill tumor cells. Radiation therapy applied in the form of external beam therapy or brachytherapy. In the first case, the high-energy rays come from the machine, and the brachytherapy includes the distribution of radiation of the tubes that are inserted into the bronchi.

Chemotherapy use in patients affected by mesothelioma

It does not cure the illness, but it can prolong the duration of life. A combination of chemotherapy agents gives intravenously or by mouth. The side effects include nausea, vomiting, and hematological effects. Finally, it is not exits yet a mesothelioma cure only treatments.

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